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The Power of Poetry

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Poverty…. Passion
Inequality….. Action

Felt….. Spoken
Hope…. or …. Broken?

The System….. the sound
the life…. the crown

the burning ….. the torch
both ends….. the source

the street ….. the office
we spit….. we profess

we teach…. we grade
have nots…. have made

a difference…..

….. listen.

Author: JBT

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Crofton, Maryland, Jonathan B. Tucker (JBT) is a writer, performer, educator, DJ, and dreamer passionate about poetry, youth empowerment, racial and social justice, and finding purpose through service to others. He has received numerous awards and artist fellowships, and has performed and taught at schools, libraries, detention centers, museums, and conferences around the world. His poems have appeared in Howard University’s Amistad Journal alongside the late Amiri Baraka (Howard University, 2011), in Etan Thomas’s anthology Voices of the Future (Haymarket Books, 2012), in two self-published chapbooks (jonathan b. tucker, 2010; and i got the matches, 2012), and on the stages of the Kennedy Center and the South African State Theatre. JBT represented DC at the National Poetry Slam in 2009 and 2010, and has helped coordinate and coach the DC Youth Slam Team with Split This Rock since 2011.

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